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Thread: Mariah Carey's diva dogs

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    Default Mariah Carey's diva dogs

    Mariah Carey claims she is not a diva, despite admitting her dogs have their own entourage.

    Mariah Carey's dogs have their own entourage.
    The singer insisted having assistants on hand for her Jack Russell pooches Cha Cha and JJ while filming a recent commercial, but insists she is not a diva.

    She told Britain's Hello! magazine: "My puppies are starring in this ad with me, too. I had my team with me but the pups had a minientourage of their own, of course!

    And why wouldn't they? It was a big shoot and even my entourage had an entourage - my stylist had an assistant, my security had extra security.

    "The shoot was based on the fact that some people think I'm a demanding diva. I have no idea why people have that impression!"

    Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey's Diva Dogs - Contactmusic News

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    Hello mother fucker! when you ask a question read also the answer instead of asking another question on an answer who already contain the answer of your next question!

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