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Thread: Animal pictures of the week

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    Default Animal pictures of the week

    Animal pictures of the week

    Lucifer, an Asian lion, inspects a pumpkin in his London Zoo enclosure...

    ...while Gabriel, a three-month-old Asian lion cub, tucks into his own pumpkin

    Whipsnade Zoo's otters celebrate Halloween with a feast of their favourite snack tucked inside a pumpkin

    Jabba the hippopotamus eats pumpkin at Los Angeles Zoo

    Felix, a female African elephant, eats a pumpkin at the The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

    A chimpanzee licks gelatin off a pumpkin at the San Francisco Zoo

    A chimpanzee goes through a Halloween-theme bag of treats at the San Francisco Zoo

    A damselfly shows off its blue eyes as it seems to pose for the camera. The tiny blug, dubbed "Ol' Blue Eyes", was photographed by Christopher Schlaf in his back garden in Michigan, using a macro lens and a tripod

    A squirrel reaches for a peanut from the hand of a woman in a park on an autumn day in the Belarusian capital of Minsk

    While this frisky moose in Hampton, New Hampshire, USA, decides to get friendly with a pickup truck owned by Mike Speck from New York. The moose eventually wandered off, leaving the embarrassed truck owner with a scratched vehicle

    Baby gorrilla Louna explores his enclosure as he celebrates his 1st birthday at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park near Hythe in Kent

    An endangered Black Snub-Nosed Monkey is pictured at Baima Snow Mountain State Nature Reserve, Weixi, China. Never mind the nose - Mick Jagger would be jealous of those lips

    Grey seals Ronda and Kate play in their enclosure in the zoo of Hanover, northern Germany

    US Navy oceanographer John Bleidorn photographed millions of jellyfish in the appropriately named Jellyfish Lake in Palau. The Golden Jellyfish have evolved separately from their ocean-dwelling cousins and have lost most of their sting

    Bathers swim next to Humboldt Penguins separated by a glass pane at swimming bath 'Spreewelten Sauna- und Badeparadies GmbH' in Luebbenau, Germany

    A long-tailed macaque eats a banana during a feeding session on Kledkaew island, Thailand

    Sasha, an Amur tiger, at feeding time with her three six-month-old cubs Vladimir, Natalia and Dominika at the Highland Wildlife Park in Kingussie

    A giant panda plays with a swing at the Beijing zoo, China

    A giant panda stretches after a nap at the Beijing zoo, China

    Baby Elephant named Ganesh Vijay, the first elephant calf born at Twycross Zoo by Artificial Insemination. He is being formally named and blessed for good health during a traditional Hindu ceremony

    A chimpanzee eats its lunch using a spoon at Villa Lorena animal refugee centre in Cali, Colombia

    Animal pictures of the week: 23 October 2009 - Telegraph

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    Cuteness all around!

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    Hello mother fucker! when you ask a question read also the answer instead of asking another question on an answer who already contain the answer of your next question!

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    Love these!
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    Too damn cute
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    wow to the bug! i love the hipo haha

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