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Thread: Chimps celebrate Halloween at the San Francisco Zoo

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    Default Chimps celebrate Halloween at the San Francisco Zoo

    As Halloween approaches it's not just humans getting in on the ghoulish fun: Somewhere in Huntington Beach dogs are preparing to be dressed as sushi, geishas and other such nonsense (we say that lovingly). And at the San Francisco Zoo, more exotic animals such as chimpanzees are celebrating with pumpkins and chimp-safe Halloween-themed treats. (No Mallomars for these guys!)
    Other California zoos are celebrating Halloween in their own way -- the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park is holding a "Pumpkins in the Park" event on weekends through Nov. 1, and the Santa Barbara Zoo has its Wild West-themed "Boo at the Zoo" event Oct. 23-25. (What, Halloween isn't a theme in itself anymore?) Here in L.A., the L.A. Zoo holds its own "Boo at the Zoo" on Oct. 24-25 and Oct. 31-Nov. 1.
    More photos of the chimps celebrating Halloween after the jump!

    Your morning adorable: Chimps celebrate Halloween at the San Francisco Zoo | L.A. Unleashed | Los Angeles Times

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    That first picture just cracks me up.

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    I've fallen and I can't get up!


    I like the photo of the chimp rummaging in his goodie bag. I wonder what he's got in there?!

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