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Thread: The winning pictures in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 contest

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    Default The winning pictures in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 contest

    All these pictures are winners in The Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2009 competition, organised by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine.
    The best 100 images in the competition will go on show from October 23 at the Natural History Museum in London - the venue for last night's awards ceremony.
    This year is apparently a bumper year with 43,135 entries from 94 countries up 33 per cent on 2008.

    At first it looks like a pencil drawing. In fact, this impressive black cloud contains thousands of starlings, swerving and diving in panic as they avoid a marauding peregrine falcon. Photographer Danny Green used a slow-shutter speed to emphasise the swooping movement of the birds' flight. The effect is extraordinary and shows Nature is the greatest artist of all

    It took two freezing days for 16-year-old Fergus Gill to capture this remarkable picture (left) of yellowhammers fighting over a sheaf of oats and (right) a red ant sips from a raindrop, delicately balanced on a flowering common mallow petal, oblivious to Andras Meszaros and his powerful zoom lens

    Cats are highly territorial, but the one that photographer Igor Spilenok found standing up to a fox three times its size is brave - even a little foolhardy

    This wolf looks more like a spring-heeled horse as it leaps over a wooden fence with its two front paws clutched under its head in this remarkable action shot

    The competition manager, Gemma Webster, said: "While the UK and the U.S. remain our major source of entrants, the greatest growth in entries is happening in China and Russia.
    'This year we had the first-ever entries from photographers in Bangladesh, Guatemala, Macedonia, Oman, Qatar, Tunisia and Bahrain, and we've had our first category winners from Estonia, Zambia and the Czech Republic.'

    Read more:

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    Omg!!! Stunning!!!!

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    Oh, that first one! I've seen flocks of Starlings flying together like that but not quite that many. Lovely photos.

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    The first picture is absolutely stunning.

    The one with the cat is cute, but there's also been video images of a cat
    chasing away a BEAR successfully.
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    Wow, I don't know which is my favourite...they're lovely but the ant one is sweet!

    My cat won't even fight with mice, she's a little coward.

    fyi the wolf jumping one was the overall winner.

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    Fantastic. I love the fox one.
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    Amazing pics! The starlings one is breathtaking! I like the wolf one but couldn't imagine standing there to capture the shot...
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