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Thread: Blind abandoned Chihuahua puppy preparing for surgery

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    Default Blind abandoned Chihuahua puppy preparing for surgery

    Photo by AP
    This Oct. 7, 2009 photo released by MSPCA-Angell Animal Medical Center shows Jonah, a blind Chihuahua puppy abandoned in Boston and awaiting life-saving brain surgery

    A blind Chihuahua puppy abandoned at a Boston supermarket is preparing for brain surgery to save its life.Angell Animal Medical Center officials said Tuesday that the 8-month-old dog, named Jonah, is suffering from a severe case of hydrocephalus, or "water on the brain." Without surgery scheduled this week to drain the excess fluid, Angell staff neurologist Andrew Farabaugh said the puppy will die.
    Farabaugh said successful surgery means Jonah will be able to enjoy a good quality of life, but likely will remain blind.
    Jonah was found abandoned in September at the bottle recycling center of a Boston Stop & Shop.
    Angell officials say the hospital is seeking donations to pay the cost of the surgery estimated at $2,500.

    Blind abandoned Chihuahua puppy preparing for surgery -

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    Poor little darling.
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    Who would abandon such a helpless baby???

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    I'll HAVE to send them some $$$$$.
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    How could someone do something so cruel? I want to donate also. I'm a chihuahua owner, and this story kills me.

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    Poor pitiful little guy, I hope things will turn out okay for him.

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    poor baby hope he makes it through ok

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    Aww...poor little darling.
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    Abandoned Jamaica Plain puppy survives brain surgery

    Brian Adams/MSPCA-Angell

    Jonah waking up after surgery.

    By Jack Nicas, Globe Correspondent

    Last month, Jonah was found abandoned at a Jamaica Plain supermarket, blind and scared. Weeks later, a debilitating brain disease emerged, threatening his life. But today, the puppy's bad luck ended.
    Veterinarians at Angell Animal Medical Center completed successful brain surgery on the blind Chihuahua, saving its life.
    “It went very, very well,” said surgeon Dr. Andrew Farabaugh . “Now how much improvement he gets from it, we’re waiting and seeing.”
    The nearly three-hour operation placed a shunt in the 8-month-old puppy’s head to drain built-up fluid crushing its brain.

    “The brain had compressed into a thin shell lining the skull. His head was filled with fluid,” said Brian Adams, spokesman for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “The pressure meant he would’ve certainly died without the surgery.”
    Jonah, named for his affinity for a fish-shaped bed, was brought into MSPCA-Boston on Sept. 7 after he was found alone in the bottle recycling center of the Jamaica Plain Stop & Shop. It was immediately clear something was wrong.
    “We noticed he did have the apple-shaped head – the situation of his eyes as well,” Adams said. “At that point he was fostered by one of our staff neurologists.”
    Jonah’s symptoms then worsened. He had trouble walking and interacting with people and other dogs, and his brain protruded through his skull. Angell Medical Center officials diagnosed him with hydrocephalus, often called water on the brain, and scheduled him for surgery.
    “We decided we needed to do something or put him to sleep,” Farabaugh said.
    But despite volunteer surgeons, an operation would cost about $2,500, Adams said. The pediatric shunt, typically used in children’s brain surgeries, cost $1,260 alone, Farabaugh said.
    The MSPCA accepted donations on a web page set up for the puppy, , but is unaware how much it has raised.
    “We’ve received donations from not only states across the country, but across the world,” Adams said.
    Adams said there have been more than 50 offers to adopt Jonah, but foster parents, including Farabaugh, who have already cared for the puppy have first priority. Farabaugh said he will probably take Jonah back in for recovery, but does not plan on adopting the Chihuahua.
    Jonah awoke several hours after surgery and was breathing on his own, Farabaugh said. But it won’t be until Sunday afternoon, 72 hours after the surgery, that Farabaugh and his staff can forecast the dog’s long-term status.
    “His walking could be much better … his interaction with others could at least return to what it was,” said Farabaugh, noting the puppy will remain mostly blind.
    Officials hoped to find a permanent home for Jonah within a month.
    “He’s battled on through every tough bit,” Adams said. “His story doesn’t end after surgery.”

    Abandoned Jamaica Plain puppy survives brain surgery - Local News Updates - The Boston Globe

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    Thanks for the update, Honey. I was wondering how the little fella was doing. I hope he recovers his sight. Poor baby.

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    Poor little guy. I hope he has as speedy recovery!

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