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Thread: Inside a swanky new pet hotel

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    Default Inside a swanky new pet hotel

    ©2009 Mark Kitaoka & Tracy Martin

    Nothing is too good for most people’s pups, and that’s probably what the folks at the Pooch Hotel – which recently opened in Sunnyvale, CA – are counting on. In these trying economic times, it’s pretty amazing that anyone would devote 30,000 square feet to a pet pampering facility, and these folks take paw luxury to a whole new level.
    ©2009 Mark Kitaoka & Tracy Martin

    Think fur color touch-ups ($30), poochberry facials ($30), aromatherapy massages ($75 an hour) and paw-dicures ($20). No, really. Check out the pix below.

    ©2009 Mark Kitaoka & Tracy Martin

    The hotel turns its nose up at bars or metal cages, and all rooms have glass doors. The fancier accommodations – “Presidential” and “Palace” suites – have flat panel TVs and Web cameras so owners can check in while they’re away.
    ©2009 Mark Kitaoka & Tracy Martin

    Your pooch can ride to and from the hotel in a limousine.
    ©2009 Mark Kitaoka & Tracy Martin

    The facility has an indoor saltwater lap pool, an underwater hydrotherapy treadmill, and a land treadmill.

    Haute Hound: Inside a Swanky New Pet Hotel

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    Ridiculous........but rather fabulous
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    Apparently they only have 2 clients.
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