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Thread: Malaysian tiger rescued from poacher's barbed wire trap

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    Default Malaysian tiger rescued from poacher's barbed wire trap

    Writhing in agony in a poacher's barbed wire trap which cut him to the bone, this endangered Malayan tiger had a lucky escape after wildlife officials rescued him.
    The 120kg cat was removed from the deadly snare yesterday after being tranquilised by Malaysian wildlife authorities.
    The five-year-old male’s front limb had been caught in sharp steel string in the country’s north Perak state jungle, close to the border with Thailand. Two other traps were found nearby.

    Saved: Authorities tranquilised the injured male tiger after he became entangled in a poacher's trap

    Wildlife director Shabrina Mohamad Shariff said the tiger was taken to a zoo in southern Malacca state for treatment of a deep paw injury.
    It is understood the big cat's limb was cut to the bone as he struggled to free himself.
    Ms Shariff warned that poachers face up to five years in jail and a hefty fine if they are caught.

    Pain: Sharp wire had to be removed from the tiger's paw

    Authorities estimate there are only around 500 Malayan tigers left in the world – with the vast majority in Malaysia.
    Their prized body parts are smuggled abroad for use in traditional medicine.
    The government claims Malaysia is committed to an ambitious plan to double the tiger population by 2020.

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    Ouch!! That is awful. I wonder if they could save his leg/paw.

    Fuckers who do this should have their ass shoved into a barbed wire trap and see how they feel.
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    The poor tiger. Their body parts are used for medicine? In what way?

    To the poachers, wrap them in barbed wire the rest of their lives. Five years in prison isn't enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelais View Post
    Fuckers who do this should have their ass shoved into a barbed wire trap and see how they feel.
    I agree!! stupid fucktards.
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