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Thread: One determined doggie: Monk's journey to walk

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    Default One determined doggie: Monk's journey to walk

    Monk's Journey to Walk

    Watch the journey of this sweet and determined dog as he tries to walk for the first time.
    At just a couple of days old, Monk was found with his 8 siblings and mom almost frozen to death and starving on a cold front porch in December, 2008. By the time he was rescued by AARF, 7 of his siblings had died. He was only a third the size of his sister and his mother refused to nurse him. His foster mom hand-fed him, but he was so weak and sick that all liquid seeped out of his skin. He survived that only to get an abscess on his tail, causing the majority of it to be removed.

    He was then diagnosed with hemivertebrae, which means 2 of his vertebrae were shaped like wedges instead of squares, resulting in no nerve transmission to his back legs. The doctor was able to perform surgery to decompress the vertebrae to allow Monk to grow, but there was no hope of him walking again. Our only hope was that he could be fitted for a wheelchair, which would allow him to use his front legs to walk.

    However, while awaiting the surgery (and continuing to grow), Monk's front legs fused into a 90-degree angle, meaning he was unable to straighten them. He developed pain in his front legs and the vet determined that his growth plates had become severely deformed. He had also dislocated both of his back hips beyond repair. The outlook was very grim and we were faced with the decision to put him down.

    But then a miracle happened. His pain subsided and he started pushing up on his front legs. He then tried to stand on his back legs. And before we knew it, he was trying to walk. He can now walk across our yard - almost 100 feet. He resembles a fawn taking its first steps, but he's doing it!!

    We are fitting him for a wheelchair so he can get where he wants to go a lot faster than he does now. If you would like to donate to his fund, please go to AARF's website: Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation of Richmond, Virginia

    Throughout his very difficult life, Monk's spirit has never faltered. Many people, myself included, debated whether keeping him alive was the humane thing to do; but once you meet this dog, there is no question that he has the fight and the will to survive. I have no doubt he will be running around for years to come.

    I hope you enjoy this video and share it with others as an inspirational journey of a very determined and unbelievably sweet dog.
    YouTube - Monk's Journey to Walk

    I found him on their website and he still doesn't have his wheelchair. Here's an update:
    **Monk is in need of a new wheel chair!! We have found one for him but it cost $525.00!! We are almost there thanks to a generous $200 donation on 9/19/09. Can you please help him get the wheels he needs so that he can run and play like a puppy again?

    If you would like to donate to Monk's Fund, click here.

    If you would like to know more about sweet Monk or would like to adopt him (Richmond, VA area only), contact AARF at Subject : Monk
    Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation of Richmond, Virginia Adoptable Dogs
    OMG- this is so inspiring. What an adorable doggie. I hope he gets his wheelchair.

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    Talk about a tearjerker, he's amazing, I hope he gets his wheelchair

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    Wow! What a courageous dog...bless his family...

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