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Thread: Tully the duck survives horrific nail gun injury

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    Default Tully the duck survives horrific nail gun injury

    Tully the wood duck suffered a horrifc nail injury that was captured on X-Ray. Thankfully he's well enough to waddle once more

    A duck had a lucky escape after being shot in the head with a nail gun. But Tully the wood duck seemed unaffected by the four-inch nail, despite it penetrating his head and narrowly missing his eye.
    Nigel Williamson from Nigel's Animal rescue was alerted to Tully's injury by a concerned passer-by who had spotted the duck swimming happily in a pond in Devon Meadows, Victoria, Australia, with a piece of metal sticking out of its head.
    He said Tully was behaving just like any other duck.
    “He was just waddling around feeding, swimming and doing everything a duck should be doing with this nail in his head.”
    Williamson spent several days trying to catch the injured duck with a snare and the help of a passer-by.
    The nail was finally removed during a two and a half hour operation under anaesthetic.
    Tully is now on a course of antibiotics to stop infection and is making great progress thanks to some quack medicine.

    Tully the duck survives horrific nail gun injury |

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    Holy crap! Poor little guy - I'm glad the surgery was successful. I wonder who the fuck did that to a poor duck?
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    Whoa... swimming happily along.. must have been a 1 in a 1,000,000 chance that it went through his head in a completely non-critical place. I wonder if they have any info on who would do such a horrible thing.

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    I'd like to shoot a nail gun at the monster who did this to Tully.

    Such a beautiful bird...I'm glad that he survived that attack.

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    Whoever did that to this poor duck should get a bag of nails shot into his or her ass. There are some evil fucking people in this world, I swear.
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