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Thread: Upside down dogs

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    Default Upside down dogs

    There are thousands of websites that have amusing pictures of pets, but here's one that looks at them from another angle. Upside Down Dogs features pictures of dogs lying on their backs. The pictures are rotated through 180 degrees so that the dogs seem to be the right way up, resulting in some very strange facial expressions

    The site was started in October last year by Graham Blache, a 24-year-old from San Francisco, who was inspired to take pictures of his bulldog lying on its back

    The site became an internet phenomenon, receving thousands of visitors every day. So popular was the site that it was bought up by a developer, who has added features such as the ability to search by breed of dog

    The site receives five to ten new pictures every day, but there's always room for more upside down dogs, so if you have a dog, wait for it to roll over and get your camera out. You can submit pictures to Upside Down Dogs

    Molly, a six-month-old female Weimaraner from Tampa, Florida. Photo submitted by Debbie

    Burt Reynolds, a 10-month-old male Boxer cross from Portland. Photo submitted by Audey

    Digby, a seven-year-old male West Highland Terrier from Melbourne, Australia. Photo submitted by Chris and Belinda

    Hugo, a one-year-old male Dogue de Bordeaux dog breed from Ottawa, Canada. Picture submitted by Garrett

    Fuzzy Wuzzy, a three-year-old male Coton De Tulear from Chichester, Pennsylvania. Photo submitted by Amber

    Gabby, a four-year-old female chocolate Labrador Retriever from Lykens, Pennsylvania. Photo submitted by Aerrial

    Paris, a four-year-old American Pitbull from Queens, New York. Pic submitted by bringit

    Shiraz, A 12-week-old female Dogue de Bordeaux dog from England. Photo submitted by Nicole

    Mocha, a four-year-old female mixed breed dog from Hauula, Hawaii. Photo was submitted by Ginger

    Laika, a two-year-old mixed breed dog from Minnesota. Pic was submitted by Emily.

    Upside Down Dogs: funny pictures of pets from an different angle - Telegraph

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    Laika is the bomb!!!

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    Default Digby for me!

    I love that breed of dog..

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