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Thread: Dogs in Vogue - A new book celebrates 100 years of canine chic

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    Default Dogs in Vogue - A new book celebrates 100 years of canine chic

    From man’s best friend to woman's favourite fashion accessory… A delightful book celebrates a century of irresistible canine style, as documented in Vogue

    This broad-brimmed Balenciaga hat — photographed by Henry Clarke in 1954 — was described by Vogue as ‘highly individualised, proudly conspicuous, sophisticated as a poodle’. The miniature poodle was by now hugely popular in Britain — available in the new strains of apricot, cream and silver, as well as the traditional black, white and brown. This one, in black to match the model’s evening gloves and dress, wears a white bow in its topknot to match the hat’s cloud of swansdown

    Dogs in Vogue

    Putting wags on the cover is no recent phenomenon, as these examples from 1930, 1989 and 1945 illustrate

    The model throws a ball for her miniature poodle in June 1943 — captured by photographer Gjon Mili. The breed’s ‘ever increasing popularity is proof of his many capabilities and almost human intelligence,’ said Vogue

    Four be-ribboned pembroke corgis (plus a model in a corset-dress by John Galliano), photographed by Mario Testino in December 2001

    The great dane adds an element of escapism to this February 1956 shot by Karen Radkai for American Vogue: ‘The kind of suit smart wardrobes are built on…’

    Jean Shrimpton photographed by Eugene Vernier (February 1963) with Bertie, a yorkshire terrier puppy bought for her by her partner, the photographer David Bailey: ‘People say we look alike, and I suppose we do have rather funny little faces and huge fringes’

    Lee Radziwill, younger sister of Jacqueline Kennedy, snapped by Henry Clarke in August 1960 with her pug Thomas, who used to accompany her to tea at the Ritz

    This Herb Ritts shot of Kate Moss with a harlequin great dane was used in June 1997 for a story on the dangers of sunbathing

    For designer Bill Blass’s first advertisement in American Vogue (September 1970), the model Bethann Hardison (now a model agent herself) was guarded by a couple of tightly leashed hounds

    Talisa Soto photographed by Bruce Weber in September 1982. The hirsute poodle contrasts beautifully with the smooth satin of Talisa’s Dior wrap dress and sleek Louise Brooks hairstyle

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    This is my favorite, since I have a pug.
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    I love the Great Danes.
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    the corgis have got such funny expressions on their faces. cute dogs.
    i also love the great danes.

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