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Thread: Tiny baby gibbon gets a cuddle from his mother Hattie

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    Default Tiny baby gibbon gets a cuddle from his mother Hattie

    With his fuzzy cheeks, big ears and furrowed little forehead, he has a face many mothers would struggle to love.
    Luckily his mummy has whiskers so her standards aren't that high.
    As you can see here, Hattie the female gibbon simply adores her lanky baby boy, born two weeks ago at a Florida zoo.

    What should we do now? Mother Hattie and her tiny baby ponder one another at a Tampa zoo
    The pair spend hours gazing at each other, enjoying the closeness of those first weeks after birth and committing furry features to memory.
    Hattie and her as yet unnamed baby live at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. To date they have been inseparable, with the baby clinging to his mother every day.
    But staff are hoping he will venture out to socialise with other apes at the wildlife park over the next few weeks.
    Gibbons, which are highly sociable animals, are found in the rainforests from India to Indonesia and China. Adult gibbons can swing from branch to branch for distances of up to 50ft at speeds of up to 35mph.
    They can also make leaps of up to 27ft. They are the fastest and most agile of all tree-dwelling, non-flying mammals.

    Hattie eventually changes position - but keeps a tight hold on her baby, who appears to be smiling in the comfort of his mother's arms

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    Omg, adorable!

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    Just like any other adoring Mom!
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