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Thread: Couple settles $40K dog dispute

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    Default Couple settles $40K dog dispute

    For now, the $40,000 legal fight about Dexter the dog is over, but one “parent” isn’t happy with a judge’s custody decision.
    On Monday, a judge in Salem, N.J. ordered a former couple to share custody of Dexter, after the pair paid lawyers a ton of money in fees in what was seen as a test case.
    Court Judge John Tomasello said Dexter must spend equal time with Doreen Houseman and Eric Dare.
    Dare told reporters he may appeal the decision.
    Previously, a Superior Court Judge determined that the Dexter was joint property and a suitable arrangement must now be determined.
    There were three options: one “parent” could get full custody or a joint visitation agreement can be decided.
    Dare and Houseman spent 13 years together but never married, and broke up in 2006.

    In March, an another court decided pets have a special value beyond being basic property.
    Previously, courts found that a dog or a cat was not a child, but rather a piece of property like a table or a lamp that would be divided in divorce.
    The latest ruling that could change the animals-as-property notion.
    One legal expert interviewed by Fox 29 said the case may set a precedent for courts to look past how much a pet cost, and instead consider the subjective value to the ex-spouses when making a determination.

    Couple Settles $40K Dog Dispute

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    It's about damn time. I feel my blood boil and my heart break at the same time when I hear some animals abuser be forced to pay $40 to the pet parent for the 'value' of the animal.
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    Thank goodness the court is recognizing the value of pets. I would stay married before I'd give up my dogs, even for weekends. I wouldn't trust that they'd be taken care of properly.

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    Right on about time they saw the way things should be!
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