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Thread: Stuck dog didn't give up Hope

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    Default Stuck dog didn't give up Hope

    THIS Jack Russell puppy cheated death after being stuck in a rabbit hole for a WEEK surviving only by licking droplets of water from the side of the tunnel.

    The one-year-old pooch, who has been called Hope, is thought to have been chasing a rabbit when the critter disappeared underground near a busy roundabout.
    The adventurous hound must have followed the bunny straight into the warren, but 4ft in she became stuck.
    She was forced to lay cowering in the darkness relying on her own body fat and condensation to survive.


    It was only thanks to council workers digging over the area in Newcastle-under Lyme, Staffs, that she was finally set free.
    Hope's rescuers described her escape on September 10 as miraculous.
    Site manager Arthur Evans said he did a double-take when he saw the skinny dog run out.
    He said: "We were clearing the area to prepare it for a road widening project and were using a digger to remove the top layers of soil.
    "It must have loosened the soil just enough for Hope to wriggle free.
    "I thought it was a rabbit at first glance, I did a double-take and realised it was a puppy.

    "It is so lucky we were there to find her, another day or two and she would have been a goner."
    Hope is now recovering from her ordeal at Croft Veterinary Clinic, where vets, who named the pup, are desperate to track down her owners.
    Dog warden Craig Brown said the lucky Jack Russell would have licked droplets from the walls of her underground prison to survive.
    He said: "The dog was very, very skinny when we found her, just a bag of bones with skin draped over it.
    "The dog must have been there for at least week, probably even longer. She is extremely lucky to survive."

    Stuck dog didn't give up Hope | The Sun |News

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    Aww, baby.
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