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Thread: Woman arrested after bodies of 'cremated' dogs found dumped in a field

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    Thumbs down Woman arrested after bodies of 'cremated' dogs found dumped in a field

    We paid for our dogs to be
    cremated. Then their bodies
    were found dumped in a field

    By Chris Brooke
    Last updated at 10:27 AM on 16th September 2009

    They had paid to have their much-loved pets cremated and some had forked out extra so they could keep the ashes.
    Now the dog owners have learned to their horror that the ceremonies never took place and that the bodies of their pets were dumped in a field.
    The corpses of four dogs were identified by their microchips after they were found by a walker.

    Heartbroken: Linda Allen with terrier Ellie and the box said to contain her dog Bournville's ashes

    Police have arrested and questioned a 34-year-old woman in connection with the alleged fraud and she has been released on bail pending further inquiries.
    One of the dogs found in the field in Lower Hartshay, Derbyshire, was a labrador called Sam, which belonged to the Moore family.
    Mother-of-four Angela Moore, 49, a housewife and carer, said Sam was supposed to have been cremated with other animals, but two weeks later they were told that he had been found in the field.

    Distraught: James Brown holds a cremation certificate and a picture of his beloved family dog Bournville whose body was found dumped in a field

    Mrs Moore, of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, said: ‘We just couldn’t believe it. We didn’t think it was true. He was a one in a million dog. He was more like a human being.

    ‘My son David thought of him as a brother. That was how Sam was to us. He was really special.’

    Mother-of-three Linda Allen, 53, of Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, was heartbroken when her family’s chocolate-coloured border collie called Bournville had to be put down last month because he had developed cancer in his head.
    Dumped: Angela Moore's 'one in a million' dog Sam was found in a field

    The family paid £120 to have him cremated alone, rather than with other dogs.
    They were given a container, supposedly with his ashes inside, and a death certificate with the letters RIP on the bottom.
    But three days later they were contacted by police and told that Bournville’s body had been found alongside at least three others in a field.
    A shocked Mrs Allen told the caller: ‘It can’t be. He died in our arms, we’ve got his ashes here.’
    Mrs Allen, a housewife, was furious to discover what had happened to her pet, who was adored by her three sons as they grew up.
    ‘He was a lovely dog,’ she said.
    ‘It broke our hearts to think he had ended up dumped in a field.’

    Her businessman son James Brown, 29, said: ‘We cannot believe this has happened. He was not just a dog to us, he was a member of the family. It is heartbreaking.’
    Family members went through the ordeal of identifying the dog’s body.
    ‘It was quite upsetting, his fur was all wet and matted down and he had maggots all over him,’ said Mr Brown.
    ‘He was a lovely dog and he deserved better than that.’
    The company involved, Peak Pet Cremations, of Heage, Derbyshire, has since closed down.

    The female owner claimed there had been a theft from the premises in which scrap metal was taken along with the bodies of dogs.
    A police spokesman said: ‘Officers can confirm that no reports of burglaries at any local pet crematoria have been received by police.’
    The RSPCA, the Environment Agency and the local council are also involved in the investigation.

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