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Thread: Real-life Garfield is the cat who got the pasta

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    Default Real-life Garfield is the cat who got the pasta

    This hungry cat just can't keep away from lasagna

    Humphrey is a real-life Garfield, who will only eat lasagne. The picky cat's love affair with the pasta dish began after sneaking a bite of his owner's leftovers.
    'For a week he wouldn't eat anything I gave him. But a few days later I cooked some more lasagne and he came running,' said 30-year-old Sophia Atrill, from north London.
    She has now entered the stubborn seven-year-old for the Boomerang TV Pet Personality Awards.
    'I have no children - he is my baby and if it's lasagne that he wants then it's lasagne he will get,' she said.

    Real-life Garfield is the cat who got the pasta |

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    His litter box is probably very stinky.

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    I don't think cats are supposed to eat onions or garlic.

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    That cat has not missed many meals.
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    My cats would get lasagne when hell freezes over. And that hasn't happened yet, to my knowledge.


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    ^^No he has not...he is a Chunk!! Cute, though!
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    a friend's cat loves everything we are eating. it was very weird for me. I ate a pizza and the cat sat next to me, watching every move I made. So I gave a slice to her because I thought she would smell on it and then go away, just like every other cat I know. I was really surprised when she ate the whole slice of pizza in a few seconds!
    later the friend told me he once ate ravioli when he had to go to the toilet. When he returned, there were no ravioli there anymore.
    but it's actually not healthy for a cat and he really don't know what to do with her because she eats everything: chips, chocolate, even pills when the lay around!

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    Stepdad's siamese used to pretend to be ill when she got bored of catfood. She'd refuse to eat and lounge around listlessly, although she'd always manage to squeeze down the fresh chicken, prawns or cheese that he'd get to try and "tempt" her. This clever cat is taking his owner for a mug, lol. My cats are demolishers - anything and everything is edible as far as they are concerned. Pasta, curry, potatos, peas... if they can sink their teeth into it they'll nom it.

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