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Thread: Smoka the cat survives blaze and cleanup

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    Default Smoka the cat survives blaze and cleanup

    Sandy LaPierre's pet cat Smoka has truly lived up to her name. Presumed to have perished in a fire, the lucky feline was found alive last week, 26 days after a blaze broke out in LaPierre's apartment building in Franklin, Ohio.
    Smoka rises from the rubble.

    The tenacious kitty even managed to survive two rounds of demolition work before she was discovered. A crew from Stark Wrecking Co. spotted Smoka's head sticking out from under 16 feet of debris on September 4.
    Dennie Fitzgerald, the building's owner, told NBC: "With those bulldozers, those big bulldozers rolling over the top of that thing day after day, it should not have made it."
    LaPierre says Smoka lost a lot of weight and has some difficulty walking but otherwise seems okay. "I was stunned, shocked," she said. "She is a miracle after staying there almost a month in the rubble."
    Hooray for Smoka and Sandy!

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    another miracle kitty.

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    *rant on* Well props to them for not using alliteration but why must every cat news story use the term 'feline'? If this was a rabbit, no one would describe it as a lucky lagomorph. *rant off*

    Good for the cat though that she was found. The difficulty walking is probably due to severe dehydration.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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