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Thread: Puppy has a ball at Swiss leader dog school

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    Default Puppy has a ball at Swiss leader dog school

    The Western Swiss Guide Dog School for the Blind in Brenles, Switzerland, states proudly on its website that it uses Labrador retrievers exclusively in its work on behalf of the sight-impaired.
    At a recent "open house" at the school, young hopefuls -- who may someday go on to become highly-trained leader dogs -- seemed unaware of the high expectations placed on them. Instead, they cavorted in a ball pit, and if this little guy is any indication, they had a great time doing it.
    This puppy is 7 weeks old and will remain at the school for another few weeks. Once he turns 10 weeks old, he'll go to live with a "puppy raiser," who will care for him until he reaches the age of 18 months. Then -- hopefully -- he'll be mature enough to undergo the intense training required to become a leader dog.
    More photos after the jump!

    Your morning adorable: Puppy has a ball at Swiss leader dog school | L.A. Unleashed | Los Angeles Times

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    Oh how sweet! He probably thought he had died and gone to doggy heaven.
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    oh the sweetest little thing!!!
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