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Thread: Firefighters work to free bullock who plunged 12ft into well

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    Default Firefighters work to free bullock who plunged 12ft into well

    When he grows up, he will doubtless display all the noble power of his breed.
    But one little stumble reduced this bullock to just another cowering young animal desperate for help.
    The bullock fell 12ft down a disused well in Shropshire and had to be rescued by firemen.

    Curled up like a dog by the fire, the bull had no choice but to hope and wait for a rescue

    They sedated the animal, which was curled up in a shaft only 3ft wide, before lifting it to safety with special straps.
    Farm owner Chris Everall said he noticed a bullock was missing after counting his cattle on Saturday.
    Later that afternoon, the bullock was spotted in the well at Forton Hall Farm, near Montford Bridge in Shropshire.
    'He was curled round like a dog at the bottom,' he said. 'You could hardly see him.'

    Up, up and away: The bull is hoisted out of the well by Shropshire Fire and Rescue

    Mr Everall and another man pulled back the wall of the well with a digger until it was level with the bullock so firemen could winch the animal free more easily.

    The animal was at first thought to be seriously injured but a check-up by a vet at the scene confirmed it was already making a good recovery.
    Only slightly lame from the fall, the bullock was soon able to move around and eat and drink as normal and is now recovering in his field.
    One engine, the rescue tender and an incident commander pitched in to help rescue the animal, a spokesman for Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service said.

    Firefighters and the farmer had to dig a trench to rescue the bull from his 12ft prison

    Digging deep: The team effort saw the bull carried to freedom after a lot of digging and a lot of pulling

    Well, how are we going to mooooove you out of there? Firefighters work to free bullock who plunged 12ft into well | Mail Online

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    I love animal rescue stories!

    Good people!

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    The poor cow. must have been terrified so glad he was found and rescued.

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