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Thread: Animal pictures of the week

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    Default Animal pictures of the week

    Animal pictures of the week: 28 August 2009

    A rabbit born in China with only one ear munches on some greens

    A large flying fox fruit bat wears a satellite tracking collar to monitor its movements as part of a move to protect the species from being hunted to extinction in south-east Asia

    Fennec Fox offspring at Krakow's zoo in Poland

    A newborn baby elephant at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire gets its tail trodden on by its mother

    Panda cub Fu Long (R), which means happy dragon, and his mother Yang Yang, eat cake on Fu Long's second birthday at the Schoenbrunn zoo in Vienna

    A snow leopard cub in Krakow's zoo, Poland

    Three male Amur tiger cubs, formerly known as Siberian tigers, presented to the public at Utah's Hogle Zoo

    Baby tiger cubs keep cool at the Hollywood and Safari Park at Holte-Stukenbrock Castle, in Germany

    Two albino skunks who were born without their usual distinctive black and white striped coats, from a litter of four at Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Centre in Wigton, Cumbria

    A dog catches a frisbee during the first ever European Canine Disc Championship in Budapest

    Pet dogs go shopping with their owner Ms Wang in Shenyang, northeast China

    Roscoe the arson investigator wears Ruffwear boots. Part of the London Fire Brigade's Fire Investigation Unit, Roscoe can sniff through the aftermath of over 100 suspicious fires throughout London every year

    A grey heron swims in a pond at the "Palm Gardens" in the central German city of Frankfurt

    Specialist vet Louise Rayment-Dyble from All Creatures Healthcare in Horsford, spent 10 on a cutting drill from B&Q to help cut the shell and save the life of tiny tortoise Twinnie which could not pass a stone

    Animal pictures of the week: 28 August 2009 - Telegraph

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    The picture of the bat gives me chills. They creep me out.

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    Bats are great little critters!
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    why they change the name of siberiene tigers

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    I love the Fennec foxes! They are so adorable. I'm very intrigued by the albino skunks.

    And this baby

    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    is absolutely stunning! Wow!

    Thank you for sharing the article and pics, Honey

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    That bat is freaking nasty.
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    That poor bunny and the baby ellyfant is adorable.

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