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Thread: Antelope fakes its own death to avoid being eaten by a cheetah

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    Default Antelope fakes its own death to avoid being eaten by a cheetah

    Antelopes aren't known for being the most intelligent of animals.
    But in stunning scenes, captured by an amateur photographer, one impala buck faked its own death to avoid being eaten by a pursuing cheetah.
    The animal had fallen down after a failed attempt to outrun the pursuing cat.

    Dying moments: The antelope lies still, apparently being suffocated by a cheetah

    Next predator: A hyena then approaches, scaring off the cheetah and preparing to take a bite of the antelope

    It then lay motionless as the cheetah apparently suffocated it by biting on its neck.
    But a passing hyena distracted the cheetah, which ran off. The hyena then sized up its meal, and took a bite of the antelope's rump, causing a small flesh wound.

    Distraction: The cheetah circles, causing the hyena to walk away from the meal

    It's off! The antelope takes a chance and races off, as the bemused hyena follows
    But before it could cause much damage, the circling cheetah attempted to reclaim its dinner, distracting the hyena.
    The moment it stepped away, the antelope sprang to its feet and raced off, with the confused hyena lagging behind.

    Off he goes: The antelope finds freedom

    The provenance of the video is unknown, but it has been delighting animal lovers since it was posted on the LiveLeak video sharing website.
    Impalas are a breed of African antelope; the word means gazelle in the Zulu language.
    Up to 1,600,000 are thought to live on the plains of sub-Saharan Africa.

    Antelope fakes its own death to avoid being eaten by a cheetah | Mail Online

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    Wow - and who still thinks animals are dumb?!!

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    well I guess he was playing opossum

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    thank God! i know its the circle of life and all but i hate to see one animal preying on another.

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