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Thread: Gorillas get sneak preview of new mate

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    Default Gorillas get sneak preview of new mate

    We all like to be given a sneak preview before meeting a date for the first time.
    And judging by their reaction to his photograph, the beau lined up for these three gorillas must be quite a dish.
    The three singletons at London Zoo will soon be joined by 12- year-old male Yeboah, who’s being flown over from France.

    Monkey business: Mjukuu, 10, gazes longingly at a picture of Yeboah, the 12-year-old male gorilla on his way to London Zoo later this year

    Mjukuu, 10, Effie, 16, and Zaire, 34, have lacked male attention since the death of silverback Bobby in December.
    Staff offered them a glimpse of his 20-stone replacement to see if they would make an association between the picture and Yeboah’s face when he arrives.
    Staff at La Boissière du Doré zoo in western France have also shown Yeboah photos of the females for the same reason.

    Good enough to eat: Zaire shows her approval by tucking into the photo

    It is hoped that Mjukuu, the most outgoing of the trio, will get pregnant very quickly.
    Zookeeper Tracey Lee said: ‘We think Yeboah will go for her first because she’s very pretty, very social and she’s a terrible flirt.
    ‘She used to hug Bobby and sit on his knee, while looking over her shoulder at the others.’

    Ooh la la: Effie seems to like the look of her French beau

    Ooh ooh la la: Female gorillas at London Zoo eye up pin-ups of match from France | Mail Online

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    Picture was probably photoshopped.
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    Down by da beach....boyeee


    Is calling her a "terrible flirt" a nice way of saying gorilla whore? LOL
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    love these pics.

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    Do gorillas really have the intelligence to recognize other gorillas from photos?

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