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Thread: Cornstarch: It’s a hell of a drug

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    Default Cornstarch: It’s a hell of a drug

    Says snorter-inner Claire K.: “I have a 3 ½ month old kitten named Pepper. He’s still in the kitten stage of thinking that everything that moves is a toy for him to play with.”

    “Last week my sister, Brigid, was baking in the kitchen when a bowl of cornstarch fell off the counter. Pepper immediately dove into it! Brigid got some great photos and then set to the task of cleaning the floor and Pepper.”

    Cornstarch: It’s a Hell of a Drug — Cute Overload

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    Cutie pie!
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    That is so damn cute!

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    So darling.. I love the last picture..
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    That's precious. and what a great kitty mom to think of taking pics. first before the clean-up. Yup, "ooopses" happen.

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