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Thread: Lost dog found in England after hitching a lift in a lorry 1,300 miles from home

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    Default Lost dog found in England after hitching a lift in a lorry 1,300 miles from home

    A stowaway dog has been found living rough in an English car park - after hitching a lift 1,300 miles from Spain.
    Angel, a 10-year-old pedigree boxer, is thought to have leapt into the back of a lorry bound for Britain near his owner's house on the Costa del Sol.
    After an incredible journey through Spain, France and southern England, Angel hopped off and was found in a car park in Taunton, Somerset.

    What an Angel: Somerset Council have issued an appeal to find his owners

    A microchip under her skin traced her owner to Malaga, but attempts to contact them have so far been unsuccessful.
    Angel has since been transferred to a dog's home, where she will be kept in quarantine until she can be reunited with her rightful owner.
    Somerset County Council has issued a YouTube plea which charted Angel's staggering story - and appealed for her owners to get in touch.
    Animal welfare officer Helen Gloyn said: 'Angel was bought to our attention by the local RSPCA.
    'She had been delivered to them by some local people, who had found her straying in the Taunton B&Q car park.
    'We initially made some enquiries with the local police and Defra but we were unable to trance any owner for Angel.
    'We made further enquiries with regard to her microchip and we found that Angel was first registered to an address in Malaga, Spain.'
    Shoppers reported Angel to the RSPCA after they spotted her looking emaciated and dishevelled in a B&Q car park in Taunton, Somerset on June 13.
    RSPCA officers alerted Somerset County Council, local police and Defra, and Angel was transferred to kennels nearby, where experts have since nursed her back to full health.

    How can you resist? If Angel's owners aren't traced she will be rehomed in England

    Because experts have found no record of her entering the country, it is thought Angel hopped on the back of a lorry in Malaga before falling asleep and stowing away to Britain.
    Ms Gloyn added: 'Angel may have been here for some time and been imported into the country in compliance with all the legislation.
    'However, in the absence of that information, we have to consider Angel may have come in on a lorry from Europe or further afield.'
    Attempts to phone her rightful owners have so far been unsuccessful, and if they can't be contacted, Angel will be re-homed here in England.
    Councillor Anthony Trollope-Bellew, cabinet member for the environment at Somerset County Council, said: 'She was very, very thin when we took her in and had black patches on her side and a big lump on he eye.
    'But she is absolutely super and so sweet, and we hope to find a nice home for her.

    'When Angel was found she was in poor condition and malnourished. It is to the credit of all organisations involved that Angel is now on the road to recovery.'
    Glenda Tibbots, Secretary of South Western Boxer Club, where Angel is currently being homed, said: 'I'm really pleased to have been able to help Angel.
    'When she was taken in, she was very, very thin and had black patches on her side, which was a hormonal problem, where there was no hair on her.
    But she's absolutely super and is so sweet. I think she needs a one-to-one home so at the end of the six months we will try and find a nice home for her.'


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    I don't know what possess's these pets to go a globetrotting. but i'm so thankful she's found and can be safely returned to her owner. since her owner has been reached, i wonder if the poor thing was abused and that is why she left.

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    What is the growth on the dog's eye??

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