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Thread: Diesel the dog catches the train to Stansted - on his own

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    Default Diesel the dog catches the train to Stansted - on his own

    A dog who was left at home while his owner went on holiday decided to set off on his own travels - by catching the train 31 miles to Stansted Airport.
    Staffordshire bull terrier Diesel was being looked after by a friend of his owner when he disappeared during an evening walk in Tottenham, North London.
    Nothing was seen of the one-year-old dog until the following day when CCTV cameras picked him up travelling - on his own - on the Stansted Express rail service.

    Diesel the Staffordshire bull terrier was reunited with owner Sarah Chapman after travelling 31 miles to Stansted Airport on his own

    Shocked security staff collared cheeky Diesel as he hopped off the train at the airport station and started making his way towards the terminal building.
    Animal wardens kept Diesel - who had no collar or passport - overnight before using the microchip in his neck to reunite him with his relieved owner Sarah Chapman, 29.
    To reach Stansted, the intrepid pet had to board TWO trains and walk a mile between stations.
    Sarah, of Tottenham, had been on a four-day visit to see her mother in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, and described her pet's escapade as a 'mystery'.
    She said: 'He's never done anything like this before. He's never even been on a train before. How his collar came off is a mystery.
    'I always spend a lot of time with him so I think he probably came looking for me. He has come with me to Clacton in the car before and we pass through Stansted on the way.
    'It sounds funny but maybe he was coming to see where I was.'

    Catching a ride: Diesel at the train station

    It is believed Diesel caught an overground train from White Hart Lane to Seven Sisters two and half miles away, before scampering a mile to Tottenham Hale station.
    From there the Stansted Express train would have rushed him straight to the airport in just 35 minutes.
    Unemployed administrator Sarah, who travelled to Clacton in a friend's car, said she had been impressed with Diesel's navigation skills.
    'I was frantic with worry when my friend called to say he had run off after a fox and couldn't be found,' she said.

    'Nobody knows where he was overnight, but the security guards said they caught him on camera at Bishop's Stortford station, the stop before Stansted.
    'Apparently he was sitting waiting on his own by the doors and then got off at Stansted.'

    Diesel is worth around 200 and Uttlesford District Council animal warden Sue Knight said his adventure on August 12 underlined the importance of micro-chipping pets.
    She said: 'Diesel's a lovely dog and it was a bit sad to see him go. Obviously it's great that we were able to reunite him with his owner, and only because she'd been mindful enough to get him microchipped.
    'Hopefully this will serve as a stark demonstration to dog owners of just how useful having your pet microchipped can be.'
    A spokesman for National Express East Anglia, who run the Stansted Express service, said they delighted with the outcome of Diesel's escapade.
    He said: 'We're pleased that Diesel's adventure ended happily for all concerned and that our team at the airport were able to play their part in reuniting him with his owner.'

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    Sounds like Diesel has a lot in common with the cat who catches the bus every day!

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    Diesel is such a chavtastic name!
    Hello mother fucker! when you ask a question read also the answer instead of asking another question on an answer who already contain the answer of your next question!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiseguy View Post
    Sounds like Diesel has a lot in common with the cat who catches the bus every day!
    that is the first thing i thought of. so glad the dog was microchipped. my one cat that tries to escape when the door is open is also. his collar is a break-away type, so i'm very glad he is microchipped. whenever we go out, i make sure he is inside!

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