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Thread: Snuggie for dogs

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    Default Snuggie for dogs

    The Snuggie for Dogs fleece blanket coat in blue.


    Not content with conquering the world of human fashion, the folks who brought us the Snuggie ("The Blanket with Sleeves!") are now taking aim at man's best friend.
    The Snuggie for Dogs -- available in two colors and four sizes -- has just hit the market. And it promises to do for Little Spanky what the original Snuggie did for Little Spanky's owner last holiday season.
    "The original Snuggie blanket was such a success, we decided to extend the product line to include the entire family, which, for many of us, means a dog," said Anne Flynn, director of marketing for Allstar Products Group, the Hawthorne, N.Y., firm that sells all things Snuggie.
    The Snuggie for Dogs is $14.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. A second one is free if you pay for shipping.

    A video at lays it all out, from the ease of slipping one onto your pet to the warmth and comfort the fleecy garment provides. Machine washable too.
    As a bonus -- yes, there's always a "bonus" -- you get two free talking dog tags, on which you can record a message. The Web site suggests recording contact information in case your dog runs off.
    Makes sense. Any dog that has to wear a Snuggie in public might be looking to escape.

    Snuggie for Dogs: The Blanket with Sleeves is coming to a dog near you very soon --

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    I'll admit it.. I would probably buy my puppy one of these

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    I want the dog in blue *sniff he looks like my Larz
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    The Snuggie for Dogs is $14.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. A second one is free if you pay for shipping.
    i think i'll pay for shipping.

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    My babies will be getting one of their own.
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    For some reason, my little pugs hate sweaters of any kind. They look so cute but refuse to even move when they have them on.

    Oh well...
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