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Thread: Galapagos Tortoises are messy eaters!

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    Default Galapagos Tortoises are messy eaters!

    Umm, someone's in need of a bib! This Galapagos Tortoise just finished a snack in the new 'Giant of the Galapagos' exhibit at the London Zoo and seems like his haste made some waste all over his little turtle chin. Oh well, let's not point fingers at this 70-year-old (!) animal who weighs about 440 pounds after all Dirk's joined by two female tortoises (Dolly, 16, and Dolores, 14) in hopes of starting up a breeding program at the zoo.

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    Lol. Aw, look at his face!

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    Who the hell do they have to impress?/

    Good for them!

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    What a pig!!! I mean tortoise.

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