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Thread: News readers reach out to Oreo, dog that survived 6-story fall

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    Default News readers reach out to Oreo, dog that survived 6-story fall

    Oreo, who survived a six-story fall after her owner threw her off a roof, has been getting love from Daily News readers anxious to adopt her.

    Big-hearted New Yorkers are stepping up to give Oreo the dog a loving home - a rare bit of good news for the abused pooch who was tossed from the roof of a Brooklyn high-rise.

    Animal lovers hoping to adopt the year-old terrier mix e-mailed the Daily News Saturday.
    "Oreo surviving was an absolute miracle and we believe she survived for a reason and would love to help raise her in a loving home," wrote one Long Island reader.
    "[We] have a big yard for her to run around in."
    Another caring reader asked, "Can you please tell me if this dog has been adopted and who I should contact?"
    Oreo ended up with shattered legs, bruised lungs and massive internal bleeding after being thrown from the six-story Red Hook building June 18.
    Cops have charged Fabian Henderson, 19, with the heartless act, which was witnessed by neighbors at the Red Hook Houses.
    Oreo, who is the same color as the cookie, is expected to make a good recovery, but it is still too early to predict her future.
    "We have to get her squared away medically first because even though she's had surgery on her front legs, I'm not sure that's going to be the last," ASPCA spokesman Joseph Pentangelo said Saturday.
    "She's young and we are hopeful. But it's one step at a time at this stage. She's showing a lot of resilience. She's eating on her own. She's standing. She is walking. But I don't want to be premature," he added.
    "There are plenty of animals - she's one of them - that definitely need help."
    Henderson has been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, a felony punishable by up to two years in prison, reckless endangerment and criminal trespass.

    Read more: .html#ixzz0N3LlTB8L

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    How I hope this asshole actually sees the inside of a prison . . .

    and that someone there sees the inside of him.

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    Aw, the expression on her face.


    OREO: Plucky pooch's prognosis is good, say veterinarians.

    August 2, 2009

    The dog that amazingly survived being flung off the roof of a six-story Brooklyn housing project may owe her life to the building's air conditioners, law-enforcement sources revealed yesterday.
    Oreo, a 1-year-old terrier mix, repeatedly struck the window units during her terrifying, 100- foot plunge on June 18 at the Red Hook Houses.
    The series of collisions slowed her descent and, animal-welfare people believe, saved her life. Her front legs were shattered and she suffered internal injuries -- but she's expected to recover.
    The creep who allegedly tossed her off the roof, Fabian Henderson, 19, was arrested Friday. Yesterday, he pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges of animal cruelty, reckless endangerment and criminal trespass.
    The complaint against Henderson also notes that Oreo's skin was infected around her stomach and armpits, suggesting he mistreated her before tossing off the roof.
    He was being held last night on $50,000 bail.PLUNGE PUP WAS SAVED BY AC UNITS - New York Post

    Miracle dog survives six-story fall after heartless owner throws her off Red Hook roof

    BY Jake Pearson and John Lauinger
    Updated Friday, July 31st 2009, 7:42 PM

    A young Brooklyn man hurled his dog from the roof of a Brooklyn housing project - but the pooch miraculously survived the six-story plunge, officials said.
    Fabian Henderson, 19, was busted Friday for the cruel crime against Oreo, who ended up with shattered legs, bruised lungs and severe internal bleeding.
    "It's just remarkable she survived that fall," Joseph Pentangelo of the ASPCA said of the 1-year-old terrier mix.
    The heartless act happened June 18 at the Red Hook Houses and left Henderson's neighbors stunned.
    "It gives me goose bumps," said a resident who would only give her first name, Elester.
    The ASPCA initially received a complaint that an animal was being beaten on the third floor of 28 W. Ninth St., where Henderson lives with his family, Pentangelo said.
    A few minutes later, the ASPCA got two more calls from people reporting a dog had been thrown off the roof.

    ASPCA officers took Oreo to a nearby animal clinic, where she was stabilized. She was then transferred to an ASPCA hospital where veterinarians performed surgery to reconstruct her front legs using plates and screws.
    Oreo is recovering under the care of the ASPCA, which owns the poor pup after Henderson relinquished his rights to her, Pentangelo said.
    Henderson's mother, Samantha Henderson, 41, told the Daily News Friday she's never seen the dog before and doesn't believe her son did it.
    "I was surprised that he got arrested for that," she said, noting the family has a pit bull mix named Diamond. "He's basically a quiet person, good with animals."

    But an ASPCA investigation revealed numerous witnesses saw Henderson toss Oreo off the roof, Pentangelo said.
    After Henderson was arrested, he admitted he'd done it but refused to explain why, sources said. Henderson later changed his story and said the dog jumped, sources said.
    Henderson's mother's claim that she has never seen Oreo before conflicts with a June 6 incident in which Henderson was arrested. A city housing cop spotted him walking an unleashed dog fitting Oreo's description, law enforcement sources said.
    The officer collared Henderson after learning there was an unspecified warrant out for his arrest, the sources said.

    Henderson, who is unemployed, was charged Friday with aggravated cruelty to animals, a felony punishable by up to two years in prison.
    He was also charged with reckless endangerment, because the 45-pound Oreo could have hit a person down below, and criminal trespass, because the building's roof was off-limits, Pentangelo said.

    Source: Miracle dog survives six-story fall after heartless owner throws her off Red Hook roof
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    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Yes he's just great with animals!?!?! His mum doesn't sound very pissed off or angry.

    This dog is lovely

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    Way to go, Mom. Backing your bastard son all the way.

    Two years in prison is not enough. As someone else wrote, I hope the inmates in prison give him a special welcome.

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    Complete heartless SOB. No hope for him.
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    What an asshole, I hope someone throws his mean, stupid ass off a high rise roof. And his mother too.

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    What a beautiful pup! And what a sick fuck that did this to her. I agree, throw the sorry ass and his mother off a roof and see how they like it.

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    Oreo was put to sleep

    Oreo, at the ASPCA (Stephen Chernin/AP)


    A sad story appears to be coming to an even sadder end: Oreo, the pit bull mix who survived being thrown off the roof of a 6-story Brooklyn building, is being euthanized today. According to the NY Times, "Oreo was almost impossible to control once her injuries healed, [ASPCA President Ed Sayres] said. Other officials from the society said Oreo had shown extreme aggressiveness during several behavioral examinations: growling, lunging and trying to bite people who came too close." [Update below: Oreo was euthanized this afternoon.]
    Over the summer, the ASPCA received a call that a dog was being beaten at an apartment—followed by calls that a dog was thrown off the roof. Agents found the 1-year-old dog, whose four limbs were shattered. After an investigation, they eventually arrested the dog's owner, Fabian Henderson, who was charged with animal cruelty, reckless endangerment and criminal trespass. The ASPCA also found that Oreo's skin around her armpits was infected, suggesting prior abuse. Henderson, who pleaded not guilty, was indicted in August.
    ASPCA spokesman Andy Izquierdo told the Daily News, "The second she started healing from her wounds we started seeing that aggression - and that is sometimes the result of animal cruelty. We tend to focus on the happy endings, but this circumstance happens a lot." The ASPCA had considered putting Oreo in a "long-term resident facility," where she would have no contact with other dogs and humans, but Sayres told the Times, "Her quality of life would have been reduced to virtually nothing."
    Former San Francisco SPCA director of operations Nathan Winograd told the Times the ASPCA should have found a "a skilled long-term foster care situation," noting, "The dog is a victim of cruelty. It’s incredibly traumatized. It’s going to be fearful and distrustful and perhaps even in pain. Under those circumstances, even evaluating the dog right now is setting the dog up for failure."
    Update: Various people and groups are pleading with the ASPCA to save the pup. The Pets Alive sanctuary, which offered to take in Oreo, tells City Room, "We’ve had tremendous success with these types of cases. After all the abuse this dog been through, the solution is not to kill her."
    You can call the ASPCA at (212) 876-7700 or visit their office at 424 E. 92nd St in Manhattan.
    Update 2:50 p.m.: We just spoke to ASPCA spokesman Andy Izquierdo who said that Oreo has not been euthanized yet (but she is still scheduled to be put down sometime today), so there's no change in her status. When asked about Pets Alive's offer to take Oreo, Izquierdo said that the ASPCA had been in touch with the group but was unfamiliar with it, so the agency needed to do their own research. He also emphasized that the ASPCA's animal behaviorist as well as an independent one both determined that Oreo should not have contact with other animals or humans, based on her aggressive behavior. (Here's the ASPCA's press release about the matter from earlier today.)
    Update 3:50 p.m.: Izquierdo let us know that Oreo was humanely euthanized this afternoon.

    This is a sad story. Many readers point out that there many healthy dogs (and other animals) that are euthanized every day—why are people so upset about this one? Maybe it's because they feel guilty, since Oreo's aggressive behavior could have stemmed from the (allegedly) horrible treatment she received from her owner, and that Oreo should have had another chance. As the ASPCA said in its press release:
    Animals that suffer cruelty at the hands of their owners often face tragedy beyond that which they have already endured. Animals like Oreo are abused every day. These cases often don't make headlines; in fact, most people don't even know this abuse is quietly occurring in their backyard. But this abuse is all too frequent, and despite more rigorous efforts by law enforcement across the country, shows little sign of completely abating.

    Sometimes these animals are fortunate enough to escape the confines of their abuse and are placed in loving homes. Sometimes, they die as a result of the abuse. And sometimes they retaliate from their abuse in the only way they know how: aggression. It is this last unfortunate circumstance that places shelters in the precarious position in which we find ourselves now. We have done everything humanly possible to save Oreo's life; yet, as a result of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Mr. Henderson, or for other reasons we may never know, she has come to a place where she can no longer be around people or other animals. We make this decision—and others like it-- with a heavy heart and a complete understanding that had she been treated with love and respect, Oreo's fate would be much different.
    Rest in peace, Oreo.

    Update: Oreo, Dog Thrown Off Building, Was Euthanized - Gothamist

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