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Thread: Wild boar piglet Schnitzel becomes part of a dog pack

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    Default Wild boar piglet Schnitzel becomes part of a dog pack

    When German farmer Heiko Cordt helped shoo a group of wild boars from a friend's garden (fun fact: a group of boars is called a sounder), one unfortunate piglet was left behind. Cordt decided to raise the youngster himself at his home in North Rhine-Westphalia, a state in western Germany.
    Now the piglet, whom Cordt named Schnitzel, lives with a new sounder -- or, more precisely, a new pack. Schnitzel's adoptive family are dogs -- Cordt has five of them, from diminutive Jack Russell terriers to a stately Rhodesian ridgeback. For their part, the dogs seem to approve of Schnitzel (or at least they like the milk that Cordt keeps on hand to bottle-feed him).
    We're not sure what's going on in Germany, but another wild boar piglet adopted by humans and befriended by a little dog made headlines there a few months ago. More photos of Schnitzel and friends after the jump!

    -- Lindsay Barnett

    Your morning adorable: Wild boar piglet Schnitzel becomes part of a dog pack | L.A. Unleashed | Los Angeles Times

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    How cute!! My sister used to have sheep on her farm, and one of them used to run with the dogs. It would even chase cars up the dirt road along with the dogs, and ate dog food.
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    Piglets are just wonderful creatures.
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    Uh, wild boar piglets grow up to be big wild boars. Let's hope the thing stays tame!
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