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Thread: Meet Dare: The two-legged dog who knows how to get ahead of the pack

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    Default Meet Dare: The two-legged dog who knows how to get ahead of the pack

    He may only have half the limbs of a normal dog, but Dare the Shetlie dog hasn't let them stop him having twice as much fun as other canines.
    The three-year-old dog had a rocky start to life after having his back left leg chewed off when he was a week old, and having a front leg amputated after it was badly broken in several places.
    The little pup's owner had given up all hope of selling him and the Colorado Sheltie Rescue before coming to the attention of new owner Tami Skinner.

    Dare, a two-legged Sheltie dog, has overcome losing two legs and is now used in therapy for disabled people

    Despite his unhappy beginnings, Dare is proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks as he has not only learnt to walk and run on two legs, but can play, swim and fetch.
    Dare runs and mostly functions just like any other dog but does have swimming therapy to strengthen his two remaining legs

    Owner Tami Skinner said she never looked at her dog as disabled but admitted he was special.
    'People ask me all the time, "How does he walk?'" but he just walks. He just goes because nobody's told him he can't,' Ms Skinner told the Denver Post.

    Dare runs and functions like normal dogs but does have swimming therapy to strengthen his two remaining legs

    The three-year-old enjoys his swim and most would not even know he is only using two legs
    'I can't even imagine how much pain he was in - he has the attitude "I can do anything (other dogs) can do". . . He has a spirit you cannot deny.'
    The little dog has adapted to his lack of legs and has learnt to eat standing up against a wall and uses the ground to balance if he needs to chew.
    Dare has proved such an inspiration that he and his owner have become ananimal-therapy team through the American Humane Associatio visiting amputee clinnics and special needs schools.

    Dare gets a hug and towelling down after his big swim

    Multiple sclerosis patient John Hester holds Dare as part of his therapy programme in Denver, Colorado
    He has become so popular with locals that he is now a regular visitor at the King Adult Day Enrichment Program which helps those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.
    Sufferer Rochelle Rotruck said the little canine helped her forget her troubles and always brought a smile to people's faces.
    'He gives you an incentive to try and do better no matter your disability,' she said.

    Owner Tami Skinner kisses Dare who she said is exactly the same as other dogs but just more special

    Meet Dare: The two-legged dog who knows how to get ahead of the pack | Mail Online

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    Poor little lambkin!
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    vat of chocolate


    AWe animals are so amazing. My hats off to you.

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    How the hell did he get one leg chewed off and the other broken??

    Good looking dog. I wonder if he'd like a cart or something, at least while he's eating so he doesn't have to balance against a wall?
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    I'd take him in a heartbeat!
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    What a darling little dog.

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