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Thread: Dog rescued from Calgary sewage pond

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    Default Dog rescued from Calgary sewage pond

    An icky dog tale wound up with a happy ending after firefighters rescued a three-legged canine from sewage water at a treatment facility Sunday.
    The smelly operation began just before 11 a.m. Sunday when the Calgary Fire Department was called to the Bonnybrook Water Treatment Facility in southeast Calgary.
    A three-legged Shephard-cross dog was found clinging to a surface skimming arm, a device used to sweep the surface of the water to remove floating impurities.
    The waste water pond is about 9-metres deep and 15-metres in diameter.
    Firefighters don't know how the dog came to the pond, since the area is fenced.
    The fire department's aquatics rescue specialists worked with the hazardous materials team - which was also dispatched to the scene due to the contaminated water in the pond - to save the canine.
    "It was kind of bizarre," said Calgary Fire public information officer Deb Bergeson.
    Suited in protective hazardous materials gear, the rescue team launched a small dingy boat into the murky pond. The dog was extremely cooperative as he was taken aboard the vessel.
    Another three-legged dog was also spotted in the area as the rescue was underway.
    Bergeson said the dogs are believed to be strays, as some of the water treatment facility workers have seen them in the area on different occasions.
    The rescued canine, who has since been taken by Animal Services, was apparently unharmed despite the rough ordeal.
    It took more than an hour for fire crews to fully decontaminate personnel and equipment. Five fire apparatus and eleven firefighters helped rescue the dog.
    This kind of operation is "unprecedented," Bergeson said.

    Dog rescued from Calgary sewage pond

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    He looks so scared in that second photo.

    I'm glad they rescued him. I bet he smelled lovely.
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    Poor dog. I hope it goes to a loving home after its ordeal. Great rescue.

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    Aww, I'm glad the dog's safe and sound. I hope he finds a loving home very soon.
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