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Thread: Exhausted budgie rescued by divers after being spotted half a mile out to sea

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    Default Exhausted budgie rescued by divers after being spotted half a mile out to sea

    Awww, he reminds me of my first pet, a budgie named Bluebell

    Who's a lucky boy then! Exhausted budgie rescued by divers after being spotted half a mile out to sea

    By Claire Ellicott
    Last updated at 8:46 AM on 09th July 2009
    source: Amazing rescue as pet budgie is plucked from rough seas by diving club | Mail Online

    Ahoy there: Captain was spotted struggling in the sea off the Devon coast

    Half a mile out to sea and in rough weather, it was the last thing the members of the diving club expected to see.
    There, being thrown about helplessly on the waves, was a little blue budgerigar.
    Bedraggled, half drowned and too tired to fly, it seemed it would not be long before he was heading to the great bird cage in the sky.
    Pausing only to wonder what on earth he was doing so far from land, the divers turned their boat round and after three passes eventually managed to pluck him from the waves.
    And yesterday the bird, nicknamed Captain by his rescuers, was looking full of bounce as he recovered at an animal shelter.
    The RSPCA said it was 'unbelievable' that the tiny bird had been spotted and saved so far out to sea.
    The drama began on Saturday as members of the Torbay British Sub Aqua Club prepared to dive from their boat half a mile out from the Berry Head beauty spot in Brixham, Devon, in a heavy swell.
    Diver Cathy Jackman said: 'The bird was flapping and disappearing under the water and had almost drowned as it clearly could not take off or swim.


    'We spun around on our boat and eventually managed to rescue it.
    Cathy Jackman with fellow members of the Torbay diving club, who helped her rescue the distressed bird off the Devon coast, below

    'It couldn't open its eyes at first and I didn't think he was going to make it. He was like a floppy, wet rag.

    'But I washed off the salt water which was stinging his eyes and wrapped him up warm in a dark, ventilated box to calm him down.

    I was like a mother hen all day, fussing over him every five minutes until we got back in at 5pm. By then he was looking much better and had opened his eyes.
    'We kept him overnight and bought him some Trill budgie food. The RSPCA collected him the next morning.'
    An RSPCA spokesman said: 'It's a mystery how he got so far out to sea. He's just lucky that the boat was passing at that exact moment
    'He's quite a plump little bird so he must be well-loved and cared for by somebody.'
    Captain was wearing a ring with a number identifying his breeder, so the RSPCA hopes it will be able to track down his owner.

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    Great story. I hope the bird is reunited with its owners soon.

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    I love stories like this!!!
    mama mia*
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    Bless his little heart-he will be so glad to get back home!
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    How sweet, every animal matters

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