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Thread: Puppies rescued from filthy truck

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    Default Puppies rescued from filthy truck

    Dozens of puppies were discovered living in absolute filth on a delivery truck. The driver of the truck is now facing animal cruelty charges.
    After dozens of puppies are found caged, in squalid conditions in Massachusetts, a man who was "going to accept a delivery" of a puppy is speaking out.
    Mike Mennella took time off from work, waiting for the delivery of his new puppy. Now he is just waiting for news that his new dog is healthy and safe.
    Snoopy, a 3- month old Silky/French Bulldog mix was supposed to arrive in Warwick yesterday afternoon. Instead, the puppy was somewhere in Massachusetts. The driver who was bringing him was arrested on animal cruelty charges.
    Snoopy is one of 27 puppies seized from a box truck in Webster, Massachusetts. Police arrested the driver, John Clayton, after they discovered the puppies covered in flies and filth. They were cramped in cages without water and the smell was horrific.
    Investigators are now searching for 24 other puppies that also travelled from Missouri. They were all dropped off at pet stores before police raided the truck.
    The delivery company, Puppy Ship out of Missouri, denies the allegations and claims the search of the truck was illegal.
    John Clayton made bail and his next appearance in court is scheduled for August second.
    Even if Mike Mennella locates Snoopy, he may not be able to get him right away. Police say the puppies are now evidence and might be held until the court case is complete.

    Puppies rescued from filthy truck

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    These stories make me want to scream! I hate people!
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