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Thread: Baby elephant delights zoo crowd with debut

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    Default Baby elephant delights zoo crowd with debut

    The yet-to-be named baby elephant, weighing in at 96kg, was born at the Sydney zoo on Saturday at 3.08am (AEST).
    At lunch time today, escorted by his mum Thong Dee and adopted aunt Tang Mo, the youngster plodded a little unsteadily around a pond and waterfall near the lower viewing deck of the zoo's elephant enclosure, much to the delight of excited onlookers.
    It had been a different story yesterday, when he remained tucked away inside his enclosure.
    But after his first shower and bath this morning, overseen by zoo keepers inside a heated barn, the first baby jumbo born in Australia was happy to venture into the open
    "There was a lot of oohing and aahing," Taronga Zoo's director Guy Cooper told AAP.
    Mr Cooper said Tang Mo watched as Thong Dee delivered the baby calf in the early hours of Saturday morning, and has since taken on the role of doting aunt.
    "We suspect Tang Mo has witnessed the birth of calves before,'' Mr Cooper said.
    "On the night (the calf was born) she was making noises.
    "Her actions were like 'let me in there, I've seen this before, I can lend a hand'."
    Thong Dee and Tang Mo are two of five elephants brought to Taronga Zoo from Thailand in 2006 as part of an elephant breeding program.
    Thong Dee is the first elephant to give birth in Australia, while two others, Porntip and Pak Boon, are due to give birth in early 2010 and 2011.
    Pak Boon and Porntip were allowed into the same enclosure as the baby elephant on Monday morning.
    "That went very well," Mr Cooper said.
    "We are very comfortable that we now have one happy and steady family."
    However, the baby elephant's father, Gung, is unlikely to play any role in his upbringing. He now lives in an enclosure some 150 metres from the females.
    Taronga Zoo is inviting members of the public to name the baby elephant via its website.
    So far about 2300 suggestions have been received.
    "What we've been asking is that names that are submitted are Thai, to reflect the cultural heritage of the animal," the zoo's spokesman Mark Williams said.
    "We will be disregarding names that don't fit that category."
    It will be up to the zoo's elephant keepers to select a name from the long list, under guidance from the Thai Consulate General's office.

    Baby elephant delights zoo crowd with debut | The Australian

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