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Thread: Terrier gives birth while tied up

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    Thumbs down Terrier gives birth while tied up

    One of the seven puppies was born while the mother was tied to the tree

    Olive was tied to a tree and abandoned as she went into labour

    A dog has given birth while she was tied to a tree. The Staffordshire bull terrier had already had one puppy when she was seen by a member of the public on a green in Bridgwater in Somerset.
    The bitch, thought to be two years old, was taken to a nearby animal rescue centre where she gave birth to six more puppies. One was born in the car park.
    The dog, named Olive by the RSPCA, was apparently abandoned by her owner. She and the seven puppies will be re-homed.
    John Pollock, of the RSPCA, said: "I have made visits to the area where this poor creature was found and have put up abandonment notices, but so far we have received no information.
    "It is incredibly lucky the dog and her puppy were found and taken to safety as anything could have happened to them out in the open.
    "And if there had been complications with the birth she would have needed urgent veterinary treatment."
    The dog was found in Cranleigh Gardens in Bridgwater on 1 July.
    The RSPCA is asking anyone with information about the animal to contact them.

    BBC NEWS | UK | England | Somerset | Terrier gives birth while tied up

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    People who neglect, abuse and abandon animals should be dragged out to the street and shot. When it comes to dogs especially, I can hardly handle hearing things like this. I have 2 dogs at home that mean the world to me and will never understand how a person can be so cruel. Animals mean more to me then most humans.
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    Poor mom and pups. At least they're safe and the person or persons who left her didn't hurt or kill her and the babies.

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    olive is a cutie

    she can retire to florida with me

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    i see a lot of dogs tied to trees, and it just pisses me off.

    i am glad they all were okay. best thing, is they'll be adopted by better owners.
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    I don't get people who treat animals this way. Like they don't have feelings, feel pain or deserve to be treated with respect. It's sad people don't value living creatures in general.

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    Animal abuse make me so sick & angry at the same time!!!
    I'm so happy about the outcome of this story.
    mama mia*
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    I'll never understand cruelty to animals. I'm fuming over this story. Poor dog.

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    Poor darlings-I am glad they are safe.
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