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Thread: Kitten survives spin in washer

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    Default Kitten survives spin in washer

    A kitten must have used up a few of its nine lives after surviving a 30 minute spin in a washing machine! Six-week-old Toby is thought to have climbed into the machine in Stonehaven, Scotland, before it was switched on.
    The soggy kitten was rushed to the local vets, where staff managed to save the cold and almost drowned pet.
    Vet David McLaren said: "The kitten's belly was full of water. But we slowly warmed the kitten up and it came back to the land of the living."
    Mr McLaren said: "It had been in the washing machine for half-an-hour.
    "The kitten's belly was full of water but it never drowned. There were bumps and bruises, but nothing was broken."
    The kitten is now back home in the Aberdeenshire town with four of its brothers and sisters.

    CBBC Newsround | Animals | Kitten survives spin in washer

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    Okay - you have eight more! Save 'em, sounds like you'll need them.

    Who turns a washer on without looking in it first and checking for "stuff"? I don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brookie View Post
    Okay - you have eight more! Save 'em, sounds like you'll need them.

    Who turns a washer on without looking in it first and checking for "stuff"? I don't.
    I always check the washing machine before turning it on - I know how damn fast my cats can move when they want to, and they find any space that is normally "closed off" completely irresistable when they see it open.

    Having said that, one benefit to having the cats is that male housemate never leaves the toilet seat up. I spotted a pawprint in the toilet bowl from where one of the little sods had been trying to drink from the toilet (completely ignoring the nice bowl of clean water that was down for them). When I told him he started worrying about what would happen if they fell in and is very, very conscientious about not only putting the seat back down but also the lid.

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    I always check my washer and dryer before using them. It's a good thing too because I found my cat Clark in the dryer one day right as I was about to use it.

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