Zoo's are always teeming with life but when the doors close at this German enclosure, an unlikely pair come out to play

Swinging around the children's playground the playful pair are given free reign at the Leintal Zoo in Schwaigern, Germany

"My children are very playful and curious", says 27-year-old Barbara

Watched over by their human carer, Barbara Struve (27), the female chimps Panya and Malia have struck up and unlikely friendship with Elvis, the 9-year-old mongrel

"And they love Elvis our mongrel - he is not too happy when Malia pulls his hind leg, - but he would never harm the babies"

Abandoned by their mothers at birth, Barbara has spent the last two years raising the chimps at the privately run zoo, which boasts Europe's largest group of chimpanzees 36

And as you would expect there is never a dull moment

Each day after the visitors have left for the day, Barbara takes her unconventional family to the zoo's picnic site where they feast on 250 ml milk before an afternoon nap

After dinner they head to the children's playground where they play and tease Elvis 9 and house cat, Claus

For Barbara, the pair's aping around might be a little hectic, but it is well worth the hassle

Chimps befriend dog and cat - Telegraph