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Thread: Slow recovery for dog dragged behind truck *Graphic & upsetting pic*

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    Angry Slow recovery for dog dragged behind truck *Graphic & upsetting pic*

    Photo courtesy of Cumberland County SPCAReese suffered severe injuries when she was dragged behind a truck in Vineland.

    The young dog dragged behind a pickup truck in Vineland is slowly beginning to recover. As officials continue to search for whoever is responsible, the community has come together to wish this dog well.
    The Cumberland County SPCA is busy sorting through emails, letters and pictures from caring people not just locally, but from around the world.
    They're get well wishes are for Reese, the 2 and a half-year-old, mixed-breed chocolate brown dog that suffered severe injuries after being tied to the back of a green pick up truck and dragged around the streets in Vineland almost two weeks ago. Executive Director for the Cumberland County SPCA, Bev Greco said, "They feel so badly for this dog and want to do anything they can."
    Cruelty investigators have gotten some strong leads over the past week, but they still need some more information and Reese's fans hope they find who did it. 6-year-old, Ronald Barnabei said, “I hope he goes to jail forever."
    The SPCA tells us that while it may be slow, Reese is at least making progress at the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Linwood. "There, she can receive daily care that she needs...she does need to be treated like an actual burn victim," explained Greco.

    The doctor reports that Reese's mood has improved and as her wounds are slowly beginning to heal she's getting more comfortable and she's showing a lot of love to the people caring for her. "She's been happy, they've had her up walking, she's kissing them, so I'm encouraged that she's going to have a good recovery."
    But that road to recovery won't be easy. "As bad as this is, I hope that it raises awareness in general because Reese is just one victim."
    Doctors expect she'll be in the hospital for at least a few more weeks and though Reese will never look the same, the SPCA is hopeful she'll find a good home to live in, once fully healed. "We're going to do absolutely everything possible to have her adopted out…she's a sweetheart, beautiful inside anyway."
    In addition to the Cumberland County SPCA's $1,000 dollar reward, PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, is offering $2,500 dollars for information leading to an arrest in the case.

    Anyone with information or who would like to make a donation towards Reese’s and all homeless and abused animals care can call the Cumberland County SPCA at (856) 691-1500. :: News

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    OMG poor doggie
    breaks my heart
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    Aww, poor thing.

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    FFS!! What is wrong with the person that did this??? I hate them. Poor, sweet baby.

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    OMG! It's so sad! Poor little baby!

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