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Thread: The three-legged kitten named Tripod

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    Default The three-legged kitten named Tripod

    A tiny kitten handed to vets with appalling injuries has used up one of its nine lives at just two weeks old.
    Vets thought the cat, which was handed to them with one leg hanging off, was unlikely to survive emergency surgery.
    But four weeks later, the plucky puss - who has been named Tripod after his three legs - has battled back from the brink at a Cat Protection volunteer's home.

    Eight lives left! Cats Protection volunteer Carole Hill with Tripod, who she nursed back to health

    Carole Hill, who has been caring for the kitten at her home in Hollywood, Birmingham, said it was an astonishing recovery.
    She said she took him to work with her at one of the city's schools so she could feed him every four hours as his mother would have.
    She said: 'He has made an absolutely amazing recovery - it is really quite remarkable.
    'Against all he has been through he has turned into a happy, confident little cat and can run around perfectly well on his three legs.
    'I work as a teaching assistant at a school and take him to work with me every day to make sure he's fed every four hours.
    'He has got his own little room at school and some of the children from the special needs class help me look after him which has been fantastic for them.'

    Enlarge Tripod was handed to vets at just two weeks old with appalling injuries

    Now six weeks old, Tripod is looking for a new home after battling for survival since his birth.
    He was handed in to the vets by a couple who said his leg had been trapped in a door and they could not look after him any more.
    Chris Osborne, coordinator of Cat Protection's Mid-Warwickshire branch, said the charity had been stunned by Tripod's recovery.
    She said: 'We got a call from a vet surgery to say someone had left this kitten which had one of its legs literally hanging off.
    'The vet said he was two-weeks-old, which was far too young to be away from his mother.
    'He needed life-saving surgery to remove the leg, which was extremely risky in such a young kitten.
    'After that we took him in and have been hand rearing him ever since.
    'The vet had not expected him to live and said he has been amazed by Tripod's strength of spirit and his determination.'

    The three-legged kitten named Tripod | Mail Online

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    Aw, what a cutie. He's so young; he'll probably adapt so quickly to not having that leg that he'll never know the difference.

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    He is just a doll face!
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    Aww, I would take you in a heartbeat, puss n boots!!
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