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Thread: Black rhinoceros calf at Japan's Ueno Zoo

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    Default Black rhinoceros calf at Japan's Ueno Zoo

    One of the youngest residents at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo is this young female black rhinoceros calf -- she's pictured here at 50 days old and has yet to be named.
    In 1970, about 65,000 black rhinos lived in the wild in Africa. By the early 1990s, an estimated 96% of them were gone, due mainly to poaching. An effort to renew the species has yielded some positive results (their population nearly doubled in slightly more than a decade) -- but certainly, any black rhino birth is great news.
    More photos of the new calf after the jump!

    Your morning adorable: Black rhinoceros calf at Japan's Ueno Zoo | L.A. Unleashed | Los Angeles Times

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    How cute!! Such a darling.
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