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Thread: Tortoises given pink plaster casts to heal shells after dog attack

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    Default Tortoises given pink plaster casts to heal shells after dog attack

    Two tortoises who suffered horrific injuries in a near fatal dog attack have been given a new lease of life after vets fitted their damaged shells with pink plaster casts.
    Wrapped in bright pink casts the pair are making a fast recovery despite suffering internal injuries and extensive shell damage in the attack.
    Vets battled to save two other tortoises whose shells were fractured by the dog, but one died soon after being found.

    These two tortoises are making a speedy recovery after vets repaired their shells and set them in plaster following a near-fatal dog attack

    The other had to be put to sleep by a vet because its shell was cracked both on top and underneath, leaving its lungs exposed and damaged.
    The reptiles were discovered in an orchard near Amersham, Bucks, after a member of the public saw them being attacked by a dog in a field earlier this month.
    He rushed all four to exotic pet specialists Amey Zoo, near Hemel Hempstead, where vets battled to save them.
    RSPCA animal collection officer Kate Cornell has launched an investigation into the incident and appealed for witnesses to come forward.
    She is caring for the two survivors in her home while the RSPCA tries to track down the owners.

    These two tortoises were lucky to survive after suffering internal injuries in the attack

    Ms Cornell said: 'These tortoises suffered a great deal of pain and trauma.
    'We need to find out what happened to them and also if they have an owner out there who is missing them.
    'At the moment we don't know if the tortoises were abandoned or had just escaped so any information would be very useful'
    Both are Hermann's tortoises and thought to be around two or three years old.
    The breed can be owned as a pet in the UK, but owners must have a certificate proving that it is bred in captivity.
    Anyone with information about the incident, or who knows where the tortoises may have come from, should contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

    Meet the shell shocked tortoises making a speedy recovery after dog attack leaves them in plaster | Mail Online

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    Poor darlings!
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    You can also repair broken turtle shells with autobody fiberglass mesh and epoxy resin. The turtle was most unappreciative but lived and was released after a recooperative period in a small fenced area next to the house. Once the fiberglass patch falls off, it's good to go.
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Poor babies!

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