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Thread: Baby stoat given 'kiss of life' by kind stranger

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    Default Baby stoat given 'kiss of life' by kind stranger

    A tiny baby stoat was given mouth-to-mouth and a heart massage by a member of the public after a passer-by discovered it drowning in a water butt, it has emerged.

    The baby stoat recovering at the RSPCA centre Photo: MASONS

    The lifeless baby stoat, the size of a human thumb, was found in the trough next to its sibling in wasteland near Marham, Norfolk.
    The pair, since named Blears and Brown after the beleaguered Prime Minister and his former Communities Secretary, were found by an unnamed employee at Anglian Water on May 29.
    It was discovered only after its small squeals could be heard coming from the other stoat who was still breathing.
    The worker fished-out the pair of babies, known as kits, and after discovering it was lifeless, gave it the "kiss of life" and massaged his tiny heart.
    He repeatedly pressed the animal's tiny heart with a single finger tip and put his lips by its mouth and gently blew air into its lungs.
    The animals were rushed to the RSPCA Eastwinch Wildlife Centre, in East Winch, near Kings Lynn, Norfolk, which is one The one of three wildlife run by the Society in England.
    They both had suffered dehydration and shock while Blears who was resuscitated had hypothermia.
    Alison Charles, the centre manager, said: "When the stoats came in they were lethargic and weak, so I am very pleased that they are well on the way to recovery now."
    She said that it is not advisable to perform CPR on wild animals but added: "Their rescuer saved them from almost certain death and did a great job of helping them to survive."
    It works to rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds before releasing them back into the wild.
    Ms Charles said despite not being able to locate their mother, "they are nearly back to full health" and would be released back into the wild soon.

    Baby stoat given 'kiss of life' by kind stranger after it nearly drowned in water butt - Telegraph

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    Aw, glad the baby stoat is ok.
    Rock the fuck on!

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    Aww. It looks so cute!
    Rest in Peace my beautiful little Bonnie

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