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Thread: Talking birds!

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    Default Talking birds!

    Click here to hear Techno's video. Just scroll down to the link. Techo is a common European starling.

    Starlings are corvids, same as crows. Many people consider crows to be the smartest birds on earth. I can personally vouch this myself. Crows are highly intelligent, so much so that they know me by sight (I feed them all year, especially during the winter. It's illegal in our town, but I've always been a bit of a criminal.

    I can walk down a snowy street, hunched over and bundled up, hood over my melon and a scarf covering my beak, and the crows know it's me. It's incredible. Most humans wouldn't recognize me in that garb.

    *sigh* Then there is Einstein, the other contender for smartest bird. Talks in context, all parrots do, even budgies do it.

    You be the judge...crows or greys?


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    Wow, Techno sounds like a dirty old man

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    We can feed crows all we want-why illegal? I love them! Ours are huge!
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