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Thread: Cat falls 26 storeys, lives to purr again

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    Default Cat falls 26 storeys, lives to purr again

    They say cats have nine lives but this is just amazing. Aptly-named Lucky squeezed out his owner's New York City window and slipped off a ledge 26 stories in the air.

    Amazingly, right after hitting the ground, he walked away with minor injuries. His vet said reaching maximum velocity might have saved him. Window washers on a nearby building caught Lucky's amazing fall on camera.
    Lucky cat falls 26 stories from ledge |

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    in a van down by the river


    apparently cats CAN handle maximum velocity
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    ABC news clips showed how far the cat fell, pretty darned high.

    Something about a cat being able to flip over the higher it is, and being able to brace itself for a landing on its feet. Shorter falls means the cat can't flip over and gets injured/killed.

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    Poor kitty!
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