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Thread: Amazing loyalty plays out on Bronx street as dog protects its injured mother

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    Default Amazing loyalty plays out on Bronx street as dog protects its injured mother

    Dogs are well-known for their intense loyalty; to their people and to one another. This well-known loyalty played out between two dogs as stunned onlookers took in a dramatic scene on Thursday morning.
    The Deegan Expressway, a busy highway in the Bronx, was the scene of the drama that played out during the early morning rush hour. A lab mix who had run into traffic was injured after being hit and she laid bleeding in the road. A shepherd mix, the injured lab's own son, valiantly defended her from cars and those trying to help.
    Only after police officers were able to gently lift the injured dog off of the roadway, to safety, did the courageous shepherd leave the scene. A slow moving police cruiser was eventually able to manuever the shepherd mix onto an off-ramp, and out of harms way. Meanwhile, the injured mama dog made her way to a vet clinic where she was administered medication for her pain and a seen by a vet. It was determined that she suffered from a broken leg which requires surgery.
    Amazingly, the untagged dog(s) were seen by their owner as the scene played out on the news. The owner drove to the E. Harlem animal care and control and took the injured dog to a vet hospital.
    Thankfully the injured lab appears to be alright and hopefully, the owners will find a way to keep the pair safely contained and get them some identification tags!

    VIDEO at link

    Tacoma Dogs Examiner: Amazing loyalty plays out on Bronx street as dog protects its injured mother

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    Aww, seeing the son protect his mama just like that pulls at your heartstrings. It makes me sniffle. I'm glad the mama dog is recovering.
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    Honey-this is already posted.
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