Nathan Williams was woken by Hoff. Picture: Gloucestershire Media

Hollywood star David Hasselhoff has said he wants to visit a canine hero named after him. Hoff, a Staffordshire pit bull terrier, made news when he saved his owner Nathan Williams from a burning building in Cinderford, Gloucestershire.
Writing on his blog, the 56-year-old actor, currently filming America's Got Talent in the US, said: "I am trying to get in touch with the owner.
"I would like to congratulate this heroic Hoff in person."
Mr Williams, 29, suffered burns and broken fingers in the fire at his home in the High Street.
David Hasselhoff writes about his namesake dog in his blog

Hoff had woken him as the fire took hold of the flat.
Firefighters said he would have died if he had stayed in the flat much longer.
Talking about Mr Hasselhoff's remarks, he said: "I would be up for it," he said. "It would be strange to see him in Cinderford.
"I can't really understand why he would want to meet me, I am just a man from Cinderford who had a fire."
Mr Hasselhoff shot to stardom in the 1980s as the star of TV series Knight Rider and later appeared for several years in Baywatch.

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