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Thread: Twin foals beat odds to survive

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    Default Twin foals beat odds to survive

    Foals Leo and Colby gave everyone a shock when they arrived two weeks early - and the biggest shock was no-one knew their mum was expecting twins! It is very rare for horses to have twins. When they do it is even more rare for both of them to survive.
    The horses' owner, Becky Passmore, said: "I looked and saw one foal and then I turned around and saw another."
    The foals were born in Somerset, England, and because they were so tiny they were taken to intensive care.

    Anja Walker, the vet who looked after the foals, said they will take some time to gain their full strength.
    But no-one can believe how well the foals are doing.
    "One's slightly wobbly on his legs but they're both quite good and starting to do things on their own," said owner Becky. "They're surprising everyone."

    CBBC Newsround | Animals | Twin foals beat odds to survive

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    Heart melts!
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    Too cute..
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    Twice the cuteness!
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    I am amazed they didn't know it was twins. Here in the US they confirm the breeding took by ultrasound. If there is a twin they 'pinch it' off so that the stronger twin will develope as a singleton. Equine twins almost never both survive.

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