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Thread: Puppy eats whole alphabet of fridge magnets

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    Default Puppy eats whole alphabet of fridge magnets

    A puppy had to undergo emergency surgery after eating an entire alphabet of fridge magnets, vets confirmed.

    Jack had woolfed down all of the alphabet magnets

    Yellow Labrador Jack was recovering from a castration operation and was left sleeping in the kitchen at his home in Plymouth, Devon.
    But the next morning owner Emma Keers said she was shocked to find six-month-old Jack had eaten every one of her alphabet fridge magnets and he was rushed to the vets.

    She said: "After Jack's surgery, he was sleepy after the anaesthetic so I put him in the kitchen to recover overnight.
    "The next morning I noticed the whole alphabet was missing from the fridge though Jack wasn't showing any signs of being ill.
    "He can be quite greedy though."
    Senior veterinary surgeon at the Plymouth PDSA PetAid hospital, Robert Newcombe, said: "We had to operate straight away with both a gastrotomy where we opened up his tummy and an enterotomy to remove more pieces of fridge magnets that had made their way to his intestine.
    "The letters were well chewed and not easy to identify and as well as finding around 30 pieces of chewed plastic, he had eaten some white rubbery cloth."
    Ms Keers said she's not buying any more fridge magnets and Jack now sleeps in the utility room away from the fridge.

    Puppy eats whole alphabet of fridge magnets - Telegraph

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    Letter thief! So cute.
    I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up.-Mae West

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    It's a miracle he didn't choke!

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    I love my labbie, but they are stupid when it comes to eating shit.

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