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Thread: Lions of the Masai Mara

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    Default Lions of the Masai Mara

    Lions of the Masai Mara filmed using remote cameras

    Three lion cubs in in the Masai Mara Nature Reserve in Kenya are roused from their afternoon siesta...

    ...Spotting something in the grass, they move in for a closer look

    Captured by a remote camera disguised with elephant dung and grass, these intimate images give an insight in to the life of the king of the jungle

    Aside from deploying remote cameras, Anup and Manoj were able to get close enough to some of the prides to capture breathtaking interaction. "Another striking image shows a cub of the Bilashaka pride cowering in a river bed amid a battle between a herd of 50 Cape buffalo," says Anup. "Thankfully the herd passed by and the cub was able to return to the pride"

    Lions of the Masai Mara filmed using remote cameras - Telegraph

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    those pics are fantastic

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    Fabulous footage!
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