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Thread: Two endangered gorillas born at Kent animal parks in England

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    Default Two endangered gorillas born at Kent animal parks in England

    One was born at Howletts near Canterbury and the other at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Folkestone.
    There are just 100,000 Western lowland gorillas remaining in the wild and there are fears that they could become extinct by 2020 if the species keeps dwlinding at its present rate.

    Western lowlands have been hit by deforestation, the Ebola virus and the bush meat trade which sees them widely eaten in Central Africa.
    The first of the new arrivals came when 13-year-old Boma gave birth to a male, named Nkoumou, at Howletts on April 8. Nkoumou has two half siblings, both aged three
    - Kisane and Masindi.
    Father to all three is Djanghou, born at Howletts in December 1993 with Boma arriving from St Martin La Plaine Zoo in France to join the group.
    Last weekend sister park Port Lympne saw the arrival of another baby gorilla, born to 22-year-old Mumba who already has two male offspring - Djumbah, aged 13 and Ja Ja, aged 10.
    Djala, aged 27 and the father of all three, was rescued from the Congo and has sired 26 babies to date.
    Phil Ridges, Port Lympne's head of gorillas, said: "We knew that Mumba was pregnant but the gestation period did seem to go on a little longer than anticipated. Everyone was pleased to see that Mumba had a successful labour and both mother and baby are doing very well."
    Lorna Wanless, head of the gorilla section at Howletts, said; "We are fortunate to be able to care for and work with so many of this endangered species and pleased to see that mum and baby are showing real signs of bonding."
    Both parks are supported by the Aspinall Foundation, whose breeding scheme is part of a rescue and rehabilitation programme for captive-born gorillas in the Congo and Gabon.
    The two parks are now home to a total of 77 gorillas between them.

    Two endangered gorillas born at Kent animal parks - Telegraph
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    Bless her! The way she's cradling her baby! So sweet.

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    Can they come live with me?
    Hello mother fucker! when you ask a question read also the answer instead of asking another question on an answer who already contain the answer of your next question!

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    What a wonderful Mama. My heart melts.
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